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Sunrise Healing Center

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Welcome to Sunrise Healing Center, where many forms of healing come from many different practices with a combination designed for each unique person.



With massage being the primary form of therapy, postural correction is also included to balance out the whole body system with being the most effective way in getting out of pain naturally without the use of prescription drugs.

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Above the Clouds


It is recommended to do various stretches to help facilitate the body with increased range of motion. Customized stretches along with exercises are given to do at home or in our facility to help stabilize and counteract our daily repetitive motions.


Rock Balancing


When the body is aligned, systems within it can flow more properly to give better function, improve posture and support the immune system that brings better health. 


Herbal Medicine

There are thousands of herbs known to man that have existed in the world to help facilitate in the most simplest and purest form of healing. Different supplements, nutrition and herbal medicines are recommended for each need.

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